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Because plastic is designed to be extremely durable, it doesn't biodegrade. This means that the plastic straw that you drank from will outlive you by a lot. You might only use the straw for 10 minutes, but the majority of plastic takes nearly 500 years to decompose. Most plastic isn't recycled, which is why it either ends up in a landfill or an ocean. Seriously, let that sink in—the plastic straw you sipped on at a bar last night will be around far longer than you will.

Instead of using plastic straws... use "The Last Straw" - an eco-friendly  alternative. That way, you can wash and reuse your straw. This is a small price to pay to reduce the amount of plastic that you use and help the environment. 


Unlike standard plastic straws, our products are easy to wash, making them perfect for use at home or outdoors.

All you need to do is to soak or shake them clean inside a jar of soapy water or scrub them with our cleaning brush. Our bamboo straws are also dishwasher safe for easier cleaning at home.


Includes (3) Bamboo Straws, Cleaning Brush, Carry Bag

The Last Straw

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