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BYOB Class Rules

For our BYOB events, most of our friends bring wine, beer, sparkling adult sodas, etc. However, NH law allows you to BYOB wine, beer, and spirits/hard liquor. Once you’re at Green Envy, you can even mix your own drinks with the stuff you bring, but you must be the one to bring it. We don’t have a liquor license at this time, so none of our staff are allowed to provide any type of alcoholic beverage or serve any type of alcoholic beverage. We can uncork your wine for you, pop your beer top for you, and even open your bottles of liquor, but we cannot, under any circumstances serve it to you. This even means we can’t pour it into your glass. We figure you can handle that, anyway, though.

Legally, you also need to not only be 21 to drink alcohol, but you must always keep your booze with you. So basically, if you bring a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer, keep it close by your canvas on the table or in a cooler underneath the table at your feet. Some other legal stuff is that you’re technically not supposed to leave with an open container of any type of alcohol. There are a couple of ways to solve this, though. First, simply leave it with us and we’ll “dispose” of it properly. And by dispose, we mean we’ll most likely drink it.

That being said… if you have a sealable bag, you can take re-corked wine home with you.

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